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Performance Week 3rd—10th of August 2013

“The End of World – Or Why the World Won’t End”

The main performance events will take place on Wednesday the 7th of August in the Platform studio on Kasern 14 in Vaasa starting at 3 pm.

The events will be based on this years Platform theme “The End of World – Or Why the World Won’t End”. A theme that was selected shortly before the ending of the Maya calendar. Out of a western perspective, in today’s information society, news reach us from all over the world, about climatological threats and environmental disasters and also there is a growing awareness, about the earths limited resources – all factors that make the future seem more uncertain than ever; Is this the beginning of the end? On the other hand, the things that seem the furthest apart, perhaps even opposites, may actually lay close together. ‘The end’ and ‘the beginning’ could be seen simply as two points on the same line, or even in the same circle…


Consert/sound installation at Uppsala Cathedral Gracing Space Project (SE) and Aki Onda (Japan), June 12th, 2010.


June 10th-13th  2010
Friction – International Performance Art Festival
is being arranged for the third time by Uppsala Art Museum and Mon no Kai/SU-EN Butoh Company. This years´ theme is Spirituality and the festival has a special collaboration with Uppsala Cathedral, which will be hosting events. The festival is also part of the project ”Kulturstaden Uppsala 2010”. 

Participating Artists 2010

Aki Onda, Japan/USA
anGie seah, Singapore
Bastian Damascus, Sverige
Boris Nieslony, Tyskland
Buba Čvorić & Marina Tomić, Serbien
Gracing Space Project, Sverige
Hiroko Tsuchimoto, Japan/Sverige
Ivancic Josip – PINO, Kroatien
Jason Lim, Singapore
Makoto Maruyama, Japan
Miloš Šejn, Tjeckien
Minister of Art and Jump/Fredrik Axwik, Sverige
NN Performance Group, Sverige
Nordic Dumplings, Sverige
Rakini Devi, Indien/Australien
Vlasta Delimar, Kroatien